Please read the following terms. Your access to the Website or utilization of “Services” on the Website is subject to the following legal conditions agreed upon between Hukuk Programları Limited Şirketi “HukukTürk” and you.

  1. Definitions

HukukTürk : Hukuk Programları Limited Şirketi,

Website : website located at the address,

User : Every person that accesses the Website, regardless of purchasing a subscription,

Member : Real or legal entity that is entitled to receive services accessed via the Website by purchasing a   subscription,

Service: Legal data bank, intellectual property/financial rights of of which belong to HukukTürk, accessed by the User pursuant to the purchased subscription and by logging on to the website with a username and password based on the term and conditions of such subscription,

Service Content: Logo, brand, promotional material, data file, written text, information, news, opinion, recommendation, advertisement, announcement, audio, music, video, photograph, image, software and similar content available on the Website.

  1. General Terms of Use: As soon as a subscription is purchased, the User becomes entitled to access, use and receive the Website and other related websites, if available, as well as Services, commercial communication, messages, interfaces and functions offered on or through the Website.

i. Accessing this Website, using the Website and/or Services mean that you have read and accepted Website Terms of Use and License (hereinafter, “Terms of Use and License”), as well as all other conditions regarding the Services and the Website. Your “Declaration of Acceptance”, received or generated on any form, is not required for this purpose.

ii. In case HukukTürk requires your explicit declaration of acceptance for any Service, you shall be deemed to have accepted the conditions for use written herein upon selecting the “Acceptance and Approval” steps.

iii. If you think that you might not be able to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Terms of Use and License or you might not be able to fulfill the approval/permission conditions, please do not use this Website or the Services. In any case, if you are not of the age required for validity of your declaration of acceptance or if you have any constraints, please do not use this Website or the Services as your declaration of acceptance shall not be legal.

iv. Certain additional terms and conditions might be applicable to the use of certain Services on the Website or interaction with such services.

  1. Follow-up/Alteration of the Terms of Use: In order for HukukTürk to successfully offer the Website and/or provide Services to Users, Website, its contents and Services are continuously renewed and updated.

i. Provided Services and Service Contents might be subject to changes due to renewals and updates.

ii. HukukTürk is entitled to alter Website Services, terms of use, software/program subject to the Service, and documentation or introduce new/additional Services and new/additional terms at any time without prior notice. Alterations shall be announced on the Website to notify all necessary terms of use, and they shall take effect on the date of announcement. The User is responsible for following up and reading the Terms of Use regularly. Use after such a potential alteration on the Website and Services shall imply that the alterations in question are accepted.

  1. Utilization of Contents and Services:

i. The use of Services offered on the Website is subject to the terms specified on the Website and the permissions and limitations stipulated by the legislation.

ii. Service Contents may be published in part directly by HukukTürk and be partially obtained from other sources. In addition, Users must purchase subscriptions to benefit from Services on the Website, and complete membership forms or submit their contact details within this scope.

iii. HukukTürk does not guarantee accuracy and reliability of information transferred from other websites or linked websites, communication, commercial e-mails or other linked websites or websites providing information, and it does not assume any legal responsibility. The user is obliged to comply with policies of use and confidentiality and other notices of such third-party websites.

iv. The Users are not entitled to sell products or services, engage in commercial advertising, make announcements, make similar attempts or trade using pages, Services or Service Contents of the Website, unless approved in writing or explicitly stipulated otherwise by HukukTürk.

iv. HukukTürk is entitled to determine Website and Service contents at its discretion, and it may offer the Website and Services with advertisements and promotions. Advertisements and promotions are not required to be directly relevant to the Website and Services. HukukTürk may change practices and tariffs regarding advertisements at any time without prior notice.

  1. Responsibility for the Use of the Website and Contents:

i. By accepting the Terms of Use and License, you accept responsibility for all of your actions in case you benefit from the Website in any manner. You are entitled to take action or avoid taking any action according to Service Contents on the Website or any type of contact made via the Website, regardless of the source and/or purposes thereof. Legal consequences of a decision in this regard belong exclusively to the User. HukukTürk does not assume any responsibility in this regard.

ii. HukukTürk cannot be held responsible for material, moral, legal, financial consequences, damages or indirect losses such as earning or revenue losses, which might arise due to any use of Contents and Services provided via the Website, including use in wrong or unlawful affairs or in violation of the law.

iii. HukukTürk cannot be held responsible for information and software losses arising from hardware and/or operating system failures, network, design and connection errors, viruses, and similar user faults.

iv. Communication Between Users: If users are able to communicate via the Website, all responsibility regarding communication between Users shall belong to the parties. HukukTürk does not provide any guarantees to the parties to communication/connection/data traffic about data security and malicious acts and assume any responsibility in this regard.

  1. Non-Guarantee: HukukTürk shows utmost care to ensure that the program, offered to the User under the Service, runs in compliance with documentation, and it optimally performs the functions defined in the documentation provided on printed and/or magnetic media. In addition,

i. Website, Services and Service Contents are made available to the Users ‘as is’, and they do not involve any written or verbal, special or general guarantee in the broadest sense permitted by the law.

ii. HukukTürk does not guarantee that functions and Services on the Website are secure and error-free; faults will be corrected; or the server used to make the Website available, along with sub- or parent sites/links owned by the Website or third parties, is/are free of viruses or other malicious contents.

iii. HukukTürk does not make any commitment that the Website and offered Services will fulfill all expectations, purposes and special needs of the Users, be uninterrupted, and have adequate quality. No explicit or implicit commitment is made about provision of any commercial benefit or gain to the Members/Users. HukukTürk does not assume any responsibility to the Users for consequential damages, resulting losses, or indirect losses such as profit loss, arising due to the Website, Services or Service Contents.

iv. HukukTürk reserves the right to make all or a part of the Services conditional upon certain additional terms, generally discontinue the website, partially or completely modify or deactivate visual design and similar elements. The User started to use the Website by understanding, considering and explicitly accepting the non-liability declarations and non-guarantee matters specified in articles 6 and 7.

  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights:

i. All intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website and the legal data bank software/program subject to the license belong exclusively to HukukTürk.

ii. Unless otherwise specified, intellectual and industrial property rights/copyrights of logo, brand, name, domain name and other elements of the Website belong solely and exclusively to HukukTürk. Unless expressly specified, the terms written here do not grant the Users any right to use these or make any disposition on these or interpreted as if such a permit or license is granted.

iii. HukukTürk grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, modifiable utilization license right limited to personal use of the Website Software to benefit from the Website and the Services. All intellectual and industrial property rights other than the specified use belong exclusively to HukukTürk, and the permission granted to the User does not involve any other special or general financial right or license.

iv. It is prohibited to copy, duplicate, distribute (including distribution of copies), publish, lend, change and destroy the contents of, obtain samples to reproduce or recreate a part or all of the Website by any means (such as printing, saving to a disk, placing on a different website, downloading in any other manner).

v. Intellectual property rights of names, logos, brands, other materials and contents owned by third parties, which are made available on the Website, belong to content providers/title holders. It is prohibited to completely or partially copy (including distribution of copies), duplicate, distribute, publish, process, change and destroy the contents of any part of these any means (such as printing, saving to a disk, placing on a different website, downloading in any other manner) unless specifically permitted by content providers/owners.

vi. The user accepts and undertakes not to collect any data available on the Website or other User accounts or access the Website database.

  1. Sub- and Parent Links: This Website may contain and link to/provide information on sub-and parent websites, products, services, pages that are not owned, operated or controlled by HukukTürk and that are operated by third parties. HukukTürk does not provide any guarantee or make a special commitment regarding content, relevance, security, confidentiality policies or continuous communication in respect of these websites, which are made available. HukukTürk cannot be held responsible for personal details provided to such websites, contents and services provided by these websites, and confidentiality policies and practices of these websites. Likewise, HukukTürk cannot be held responsible for third-party website links or details provided by Users.

  2. Terms of Subscription and License: The use of HukukTürk Services are conditional upon Subscription. In this context, HukukTürk may arrange different membership categories or modify existing categories. During registration, certain identity or contact details may be required, partial or full payment may be charged for the Services, or restrictions may be imposed on the Services.

Under the Subscription system, a username and password are provided to or generated by the User. The User is responsible for safekeeping of username and password; HukukTürk does not assume any responsibility for faulty, unlawful, or unauthorized use of username and password.

Services can be accessed only by means of a password. The User is responsible for generating a more secure password by using special numbers, letters and characters, or making necessary changes to this end. The User is responsible for all actions performed by using the username and the password. The User is obliged to take necessary measures and inform HukukTürk promptly upon becoming aware of the fact that username and password has been lost, or acquired or attempted to be acquired by unauthorized third parties. In case of unpermitted and unauthorized use, the User causing such situation shall be responsible for damages and losses to be incurred by HukukTürk or third parties.

If it is determined that username and password are used by a party other than the license holder, HukukTürk may block the subscription/account and the User may be unable to receive online services anymore.

The user is provided with a license, valid throughout the term of purchased subscription, to use the legal data bank program, name and features of which are specified in the product and service introduction page of the Website and the documentation.

The User may access the Services via the Website using their license, username, and password.

Only one user account is opened in exchange for a single subscription fee. There might be types of subscription that enable creation of multiple user accounts. Using the Service subject to the license and/or making the Service available to other parties without purchasing a subscription that enables opening multiple user accounts, by multiple individuals with the same username and password, or without a subscription constitutes the violation of licensing terms and intellectual property rights of HukukTürk.

  1. User Details: The User is responsible for all kinds of (i) identity details and (ii) contact details entered or submitted to the Website and the Services, or sent via the Website or the Services in question. Identity and contact details provided for registration are deemed to be current, accurate and reliable.

The Users declare and guarantee that information submitted/sent to the Website and the Services is reliable, accurate, lawful, and does not infringe the rights of third parties. HukukTürk reserves the right to put a partial or complete ban or block on contents placed by Users on its website, which are believed to cause any loss or burden to other Users or third parties, or contents in violation of legislation or international legal documents. However, it is by no means obliged to do so.

HukukTürk makes all kinds of efforts to ensure security of all pages on the Website. A wide range of technical and administrative applications are used to protect confidentiality, security and integrity of data stored on the Website.

  1. Violation of the Terms of Use and License: In case of failure to comply with HukukTürk Terms of Use and License or other conditions available on the Website, or in case of any attempt to violate the rules, regardless of whether the violation is fully substantiated, HukukTürk reserves the right to reject, remove, or delete information available on the system, and to suspend or terminate access of Users to the Website and Services, or cancel membership (if available) without prior notice. Failure or avoidance of HukukTürk to exercise or take any legal right or measure specified here shall not imply withdrawal of HukukTürk from its rights arising from these Terms of Use and License or the law, or approval of the violation in question.

  2. Expiration: HukukTürk may suspend or terminate the Website (i) in case the User violates the conditions or policies written herein or determined by HukukTürk, (ii) in case the User is not entitled to use due to legal restrictions, (iii) in case business relationship of HukukTürk with content and service providers regarding Services used by the User, or Services are interrupted for any reason, (iv) in accordance with the Legislation or decisions of Administrative Regulatory Institutions, (v) in case the opportunity to access the Website ceases due to legal regulations or force majeure events, (vi) at its discretion. In this context, the User is not entitled to make any claim from HukukTürk.

  3. Open System: The User is aware and accepts that internet is not a safe environment, online communication is risky, and all kinds of information, including personal details and passwords, may be subject to unlawful acts. HukukTürk does not provide any guarantee in respect of the security of the Website or malicious acts. 

  4. Commercial Communication: Users accept and declare that e-mails or commercial e-mails may be sent, or Users may be contacted via all kinds of commercial or non-commercial electronic means of communication by HukukTürk or websites operated by third parties, which are not owned, operated, and controlled  by HukukTürk, upon permission/approval of the User in case it is obligatory to obtain permission/approval of the User for e-mail delivery, or without seeking permission/approval in other cases.

The User accepts being aware that, in case permission/approval of the User is required to send commercial e-mails, permission/approval is not a prerequisite and/or obligation to use the Website and/or the Services. The User is entitled to withdraw this permission/approval and reject commercial e-mails at any time. However, delivery of information, collection and approval e-mails concerning Services paid for and/or received by the User shall continue. Methods of rejection are indicated in e-mails sent by HukukTürk.

  1. Collection of Visit Details: When the Website is visited, web servers automatically start to collect information to ensure communication between the website and the computer of the visitor. In addition, details such as the number of visits to the website, sections of the website preferred by visitors, IP addresses, domain type, browser type and time, and navigation on the website are monitored, inspected and stored. Using the Website means that the User permits HukukTürk to collect, process, and store the mentioned information.

  2. Non-Intervention: It is prohibited to violate or attempt to violate the security of the Website and the Services. Legal and criminal action may be initiated and a criminal case may be filed against those attempting to perform such violations. Any violation claim shall be investigated by HukukTürk and HukukTürk shall apply to/cooperate with competent legal authorities in case of a suspected unlawful act. If such a suspicion arises, access of the relevant person and Users to the Website and the Service shall be terminated, their rights of use / memberships, if available, shall be canceled, and all necessary User data shall be shared with the relevant legal authorities for legal proceedings.

  3. Prohibited Behavior: Users accept and undertake not to run and use software that sends more messages to HukukTürk server than the sending capacity of a human in a certain timeframe.

  4. Records: All kinds of electronic and commercial records of HukukTürk, including its books and communication logs, as well as e-mail and fact notices served by HukukTürk to Users, shall constitute final and exclusive evidence in case of disputes that might arise from the use of HukukTürk Website and Services.

  5. Notification Agreement: It is accepted that e-mail, text message (SMS) or fax notifications or similar electronic notifications made by HukukTürk to contact details provided by the Users to the Website shall bear the same legal consequences as valid notification.

  6. Applicable Provisions: Disputes that might arise from the use of the Website and/or the Services shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. Users residing outside the Republic of Turkey and connecting to the Website from outside the Republic of Turkey accept that disputes that might arise from the use of the Website and/or the Services shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey, and waive their rights arising from the regulations of any other country that might be applicable.

  7. Competent Courts and Debt Enforcement Offices: Istanbul Central (Caglayan) Courts and Debt Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction in resolution of any dispute that might arise from the Website, the Services and the Terms of Use and License.

  8. Information and Contact: For further information on the Terms of Use of website, you can send your questions to