As Hukuk Programları Limited Şirketi (“Our Company”), we conduct our activities in line with the legislation on Personal Data and decisions of the Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”). In accordance with article 10 of the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), it was stipulated that data subject real entities (“Relevant Entity”) would be informed during collection of Personal Data. This disclosure text was prepared to inform Relevant Entities, whose Personal Data is processed by Our Company, pursuant to the provisions of the legislation.

Data Controller: Hukuk Programları Limited Şirketi

Address : Sirkeci, Aşir Efendi Cad. Hoca Kasım Köprüsü Sk. Besler İş 

  Hanı No:3 D:37 Eminönü/İstanbul

Central Registration System No : 0464002933900011

Trade Registry No : 269077

Website :

  1. What is the Method of and Legal Grounds for Collecting Your Personal Data?

Our Company collects Personal Data directly, by means of its agents, and various channels pursuant to applicable legislation and Board decisions; and by means of e-mails sent to Our Company, agreements/covenants signed with Our Company, its agents, or authorized third parties, as well as face to face meetings, telephone calls, online meetings, e-mails, verbal and written declarations addressed to us, business cards, membership/subscription forms on our website, cookies on our website, formal letters received from judicial and administrative authorities, surveys, completion of written and electronic forms of our Company pursuant to the legislation on personal data.

We can process your Personal Data completely and partially by automated means, based on the legal grounds of “Express stipulation in the legislation”, “The need to process personal data of contractual parties, provided that it is directly related to drawing up or executing an agreement”, “The need for compliance with a legal obligation to which the data controller is subject”, ”The need to process data for the establishment, exercise or protection of any right”, “Requirement of data processing for legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person are not impaired”, “The need for the protection of life or physical integrity of the person himself/herself or of any other person, who is unable to explain his/her consent due to the physical disability or whose consent is not deemed legally valid”, or “explicit consent” in accordance with article 5 of the Law. 

  1. What are Our Purposes for Processing Your Personal Data?

We can process your personal data for the following purposes based on your explicit consent or circumstances that do not require explicit consent, as specified in article 5 of the Law”:

Conducting emergency management processes, Conducting information safety processes, Conducting selection and placement processes for prospective employees / interns / students, Conducting application processes for prospective employees, Fulfillment of obligations arising from the employment contract and the legislation for employees, Conducting ancillary rights and benefits processes for employees, Conducting clearances,

Legal conduct of activities, Conducting finance and accounting works, Conducting company/product/service loyalty processes, Conducting assignment processes, Follow-up and conduct of legal affairs, Conducting internal audit/investigation/intelligence activities, Conducting communication activities,

Conducting/auditing business activities, Conducting occupational health and safety activities, Receiving and evaluating recommendations for improvement of business processes, Conducting logistics activities, Conducting good / service purchasing processes, Conducting after-sale support services for goods / services, Conducting good / service sale processes, Conducting good / service production and operation processes, Conducting customer relations management processes, Conducting customer satisfaction activities, Organization and event management, Conducting marketing analysis activities, Conducting performance evaluation processes, Conducting advertising / campaign / promotion processes,

Conducting retention and archiving activities, Conducting contractual processes, Conducting strategic planning activities, Follow-up of demands / complaints, Conducting wage policy, Conducting marketing processes for products / services, Providing information to competent Authorities, institutions and organizations, Conducting management activities 

Performing legal and contractual obligations, Ensuring website security, Performing website utilization analysis,

  1. Who do We Transfer Your Personal Data, and for Which Purposes?

Personal Data in possession of our Company can be transferred to the following real or legal Third Parties, based within the country or abroad, in line with the regulations of the Law concerning data transfer. Data can be transferred abroad only in the event of (i) presence of your explicit consent; or, on the condition that processing conditions required by the Law are met, (ii) availability of adequate protection required by the Law in the country to which data transfer is made; or, (iii) in the absence of adequate protection, written commitment of data controllers in Turkey or in the relevant foreign country to ensure adequate protection, and the presence of Board permit.

  • Legal Advisors, Suppliers: Personal Data, limited to data required to be processed and processing purposes of such data, can be transferred to companies/entities providing services, as specified in this article, within the scope of purchased products and services or commercial, legal, or contractual relationships established with such entities.

  • Real Entities or Legal Entities under Private Law: Personal Data, limited to their requests and data that should be lawfully transferred, can be transferred to private law entities, which are lawfully authorized to request information and/or documents from our company.

  • Competent Public Institutions and Organizations: Personal data, limited to their requests and data that should be lawfully transferred, can be transferred to lawfully authorized public institutions and organizations. 

  1. What are Your Rights as the Data Subject?

You are entitled to;

  • find out whether your Personal Data was processed,

  • request pertinent information if your Personal Data was processed,

  • find out the purpose of processing and whether your Personal Data was purposefully used,

  • find out local and foreign third parties to whom your Personal Data was transferred,

  • request correction of your Personal Data if it was incompletely or incorrectly processed, and request notification of this procedure to third parties to whom your Personal Data was transferred,

  • request deletion or destruction of your Personal Data in case the reasons for processing no longer exist, and request notification of this procedure to third parties to whom your Personal Data was transferred, even though your Personal Data was processed pursuant to the Law and other provisions of applicable legislation,

  • object to an outcome against you due to the analysis of your processed Personal Data exclusively by means of automated systems,

  • request compensation if you incur losses due to unlawful processing of your Personal Data,

by applying to Our Company.

However, pursuant to the provision of article 28/2 of the Law, you cannot exercise the abovementioned rights except for the right to claim compensation under the following circumstances:

  • The need for personal data processing for the prevention of committing a crime or for crime investigation.

  • Processing personal data which are made public by the data subject himself/herself.

  • The need for processing personal data for performance of supervision or regulatory duties and disciplinary investigation and prosecution to be carried out by the assigned and authorized public institutions and organizations and by public professional organizations, in accordance with the power conferred on them by the law.

  • The need for processing personal data for protection economic and financial interests of State related to budget, tax and financial matters.

  1. How Can You Exercise Your Rights?

If you want to exercise your rights, you must make an application to HukukTürk first. In accordance with the Communiqué on Applications, if the Data Subject wants to exercise their rights, they may submit their request in writing or by means of registered e-mail (KEP), secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or an e-mail address that was notified previously to HukukTürk and registered in the system of HukukTürk. Furthermore, in order to exercise the right to apply, applications must be made in Turkish pursuant to the provisions of the Communiqué on Applications.

If the Data Subject wants to make a written application, they may send the application bearing original signature by means of notary public, deliver personally, or submit by means of a legal representative or agent to the following address of HukukTürk.

Address: Sirkeci, Aşir Efendi Cad. Hoca Kasım Köprüsü Sk. Besler İş Hanı No:3 D:37 Eminönü/İstanbul

In respect of applications to be made online (by e-mail), original application must be scanned in PDF format and sent to e-mail address of HukukTürk.

Applications must contain name and surname details and, if the application is in writing, signature; TR ID number for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey; nationality, passport number and, if available, identity number details for foreigners; residence or work address for Notification; e-mail address, telephone and fax number for notification, if available; and the subject-matter of request. Applications to be made by a legal representative must be submitted along with notarized power of attorney with special authorization or documents indicating legal representation authority (e.g. certified ruling of guardianship) for all applications; supporting evidence for your request, if available; and evidencing documents for circumstances that you declare to have led to a loss or an outcome against you.

Your requests sent via a form shall be replied at no charge, as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty days according to the nature of request. However, if the procedure requires an additional cost, relevant fee in the tariff determined by the Board may be charged.

During the application, we may have difficulties in fulfilling your requests or there might be delays in the investigation process under circumstances such as sharing incomplete or incorrect information, failure to clear and understandable statement of request, failure to duly submit documents supporting the request or no submission at all, failure to add a copy of the power of attorney in applications made by means of an agent. Therefore, you should observe these matters as you exercise your rights. Otherwise, our company shall not be responsible for delays that might be experienced. Our company reserves its legal rights with respect to false, misrepresenting, unlawful, malicious applications.