Prof. Dr. Feridun YeniseyProf. Dr. Feridun Yenisey (Bahçeşehir University)

"In the reports published by CEPEJ, an institution of the Council of Europe which works on the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, the studies of HukukTürk on bibliography are mentioned within the scope of Legal Tech as a respected and reliable data bank. These studies have reached a level where social scientists, legal scholars and other researchers can benefit from HukukTürk greatly."




In September 2021 We have completed our TURKISH LAW REFERENCES study, which we have been carrying out for many years.
This study was conducted by our valuable teacher Prof. Dr. Feridun Yenisey, who served as the project consultant and leader of this effort.

It is the most comprehensive product of our country in terms of content and scope. The data, which has exceeded 300,000 records since 1928, covers fundamental areas such as LAW, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, POLITICAL SCIENCES, ECONOMY and PUBLIC MANAGEMENT.

All of our content has been classified under BOOK, ARTICLE, THESIS (PhD/Graduate) and OTHER titles and WILL BE CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED.

This work, which belongs entirely to HukukTürk, has been REGISTERED and APPROVED.

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