The Council of State decisions are updated periodically and uploaded to the system similar to the content of “Council of State Decisions Journal”. To this respect the Council of State decisions are presented as “E-Journal” and it is very easy for the users to reach the information with the easiness of the computers.


As our regular users are aware the classification system of Council of State Decisions is very simple. The Council of State Decisions are uploaded to the system with the dissenting opinions, if any, in full. With the “preview” function, you can have short information regarding the content of each Council of State Decision. There many ways to search for a decision. First option is to reach the related decisions from the related article of the related legislation. You can also use “subject matter index” to reach the decision you are looking for. It is possible to reach the whole text of the decisions. The text of the decisions can be printed and be downloaded in word and/or PDF format.


The Council of State decisions that you are looking for relating to a subject matter or an article of the relevant legislation can be listed based on the relevant chamber that rendered the decision such as “general assembly” or “general assembly on the unification of judgements”. However for the whole list of search results, search should be made by selecting “all chambers” option.


Both the abolished laws, laws in force and new laws are uploaded to the system independently and as per the system described above.


This platform which has thousands of users has a pretty satisfactory database and gained the trust of its users.