With the purpose to fill an important gap, HukukTurk is also presenting the European Court of Human Rights Decisions relating to Turkey to its Users. The decisions relating to applications where Turkey is a party are included in the system. The decisions of the European Court of Human Rights are being followed-up closely and updated periodically.


The classification of the European Court of Human Rights Decisions are made similar to the system used for the other court precedents as explained above. The classification system of European Court of Human Rights Decisions is pretty simple. The users can reach the related decisions from the related article of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is also possible to use the “subject matter index” to reach the decision you are looking for. Furthermore search can also be conducted by using the application number of the related case or by entering into key words that can be used in the decision that the user is looking for to the general search engine. The Turkish summaries of some of the decisions are available and it is possible to reach the whole original text of the decisions from the system. The text of the original decisions can be printed and be downloaded in word and/or PDF format.