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Dear Users,

We are happy to present you the contemporary New Content and  Interface of the HukukTürk database.

Pioneer company HukukTürk which has been operating as a Legal Data Bank for nearly 30 years  in Turkey, is proud to provide you a new “interface” and a contemporary, advanced “search engine”.

The new study has a basic use and it is designed with the modern technology which is also suitable for your previous usage habits.

Some of the content are currently being rearranged pursuant to the updated legislation and such content shall be put into service as soon as possible.

As applicable for each new application, we kindly request you to notify us immediately regarding all the possible problems you may face arising from the use and share your suggestions and reviews with us (hukukturk@hukukturk.com).

The search engine, which is produced specially for our database, has natural language processing function in addition to its high speed and searching efficiency. A much more detailed guide will be prepared about the use of the search engine as soon as possible.

  • Default search operator is AND (VE).
  • OR (VEYA) is automatically put into the terms which are written in parenthesis.
  • All the terms are searched beginning with such term when * is put at the end of the term.
  • The terms written in the quotation mark, are searched together as a group.
  • NOT (DEĞİL) operator. The terms prefixed with  -, are filtered.
  • Number: A numbered based search is made.

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